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Welcome to JJJCOM
We are pleased to have you visit the JJJCOM website! If you are not yet familiar with JJJCOM, we would like to introduce you to the company and educate you a little bit about our products and services.

JJJCOM started out as an online store in 2000. For the most part it was an inexpensive way for friends and family to upgrade their computers. After a while there were more friends of friends than family buying and requesting services on their hardware. Even with all this growth within the business, the slump in the tech industry in 2002 slowed the online store to an unproductive crawl and it was closed.

In spite of this, computer parts weren't the only thing people were interested in. Many previous customers also needed someone to repair their computers and other related equipment. Because of this, in 2005 the JJJCOM shop was opened in Plainfield, Pennsylvania. The business was slow at the beginning, but through word of mouth we became busy and more popular. Now JJJCOM is a recognized name amongst the local community, and we aim at expanding the business even farther.

Customers are partial to JJJCOM because of our inexpensive prices, our knack to fix just about any computer problem we are approached with, in-shop diagnostics, our large inventory of items and our convenient location. But what customers like the most is the down-to-earth relationship we retain with them. We take the time to fully answer questions, explain how to prevent common computer issues; and we do it all with a friendly and helpful attitude. We take the effort to go beyond our customers' expectations and give them that "wow" feeling. After all, it is our customers and clients who keep us in business and we really appreciate and acknowledge that fact.

Our products and services that are provided are another reason our popularity is growing daily. We aren't focused on just one subject, our focus is on many. We can repair your computers or peripherals, assemble you a new computer from scratch, install large cooperate networks or build appealing business or recreational websites via our Web Solutions department. Plus each of the previously listed subjects can be broken into many more specific, categories. If you require any kind of product or service related to computers, JJJCOM is an essential choice for you.

We hope you enjoy our website and find everything you were looking for. See you soon!

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