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Here you can discover all of the different services that we gladly provide to our customers.

Diagnostics In-Shop Diagnostics
Once in our shop a technician will perform a diagnostic evaluation. This process begins with your hardware to quickly rule out hardware failure as the cause of your trouble. The final step of this process is a call to you, the customer, advising you of the results and the estimated cost to repair.
Repair Repairs & Upgrades
We are best known for our work with repairing computers, regardless of the condition. Our technicians are aces when it comes to diagnosing problems and pin-pointing various solutions for repairing it. If your computer needs an upgrade, look no farther... we carry just about all of the hardware parts required for giving your computer that extra "boost" it needs.
New & Used Sales of New, Used & Custom Built Computers
Whether you want a new, used or a custom built computer, JJJCOM can provide it. We carry many different brands of computers at the shop of both desktops and laptops. We also sell used computers that have been cleaned up and reformatted. We have our own line of computers as well, and they can be customized to your exact liking and needs. Best of all, we build them right here in the shop from the ground up.
Networks Network Setup
We can setup up most networks for our customers. Whether it be a small home network, small office network or even a larger cooperate network; we can do it. We can also make networks secure, safe, enable file and printer sharing and perform network maintenance to ensure your network is running at its full potential.
House Calls House Calls
Nobody likes to pack up their entire computer setup and bring it into our shop to get something fixed, and sometimes our customers need help setting up a new printer, fax machine, etc. That's why we offer house calls; where one of our technicians comes to your house and fixes or installs everything on the spot. Our house call service can also be extended out to businesses.

Hmph... It's Not Here!
Is something that you were looking for not here? We still may be able to help you out. Give us a call or use our contact section to get in touch with us and find out if we offer an uncommon service not listed here.

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